Historical Sites



Castle of Alanya

The Castle of Alanya, with 83 towers, 140 bastions and walls nearly 6.5 kilometres long, rises up to 250 metres from sea level. The castle was constructed by the Sultan of Selcuks, Alaaddin Keykubat, who conquered the city in 1221. An open-air museum is located at the peak of the peninsula where Alaaddin Keykubat, the Sultan, had his palace.

Today the castle is still inhabited by people. In front of wooden and brick houses, silk and cotton are woven, white gourds are painted in different figures and authentic meals are served in small gardens. There are also restaurants and cafes on the way to the castle overlooking the harbor and offering breathtaking views of the town, Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea. The castle is open to traffic and a taxi is very recommended when visiting the castle.

Red Tower

Located in harbour, Red Tower – an octagonal shaped building is many times considered the symbol of Alanya. It was build five years after the castle, in 1226. The tower measures 33 meters in height and 29 meters in diameter, and you can visit the tower’s all five floors to marvel it’s medieval architecture. The tower was used for military purposes for centuries, to protect the harbour and the dockyard from naval attacks. The tower was restored in 1950s and it was opened for visitors in 1979.


Next to Red Tower sits yet another structure from the medieval era – The Dockyard. Its construction begun in 1227, and it completed in 1228. The Dockyard has five cells each 7.7 metres wide and 42.5 metres long. Here Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat built warships which enabled him to extend his power across the eastern Mediterranean. The dockyards remained in use up until 1950s.

You can go to the dockyard by a boat or on foot. Entering the dockyard is free of charge.