Nature Attractions



Ulas Park and beach

Ulas is a seaside recreational area five kilometres west of Alanya. The area is very easily reachable by bus from the town and it’s popular among locals for picnics and sunbathing. A promenade, terraces, sunbeds, garden, beach, restrooms and a restaurant are located in the area. Ulas offers great views of Alanya Castle, Mediterrenean sea and the breathtaking sunset of the Turkish riviera.


The Alanya area has many caves that are definitely worth visiting and thus common destinations for excursions. Some of them are hundreds of meters long and provide illuminated paths for tourists to marvel the tremendous scenery of stalagmite and million year old craftwork of nature. Some caves, like Korsanlar Cave under the castle hill, are located on sea level and are enterable by a small boat or by swimming.

Brooks and Rivers

There are several rivers and brooks delivering water from the heights of the Taurus Mountains nearby Alanya. Some of them have floating restaurants set on rafts and make a great place to experience some of the natural beauty of Alanya. Some of the river areas are popular for fishing trout, and many times these areas within the mountains offer great possibilities for mountain biking and trekking.